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Arbitration is for everybody. Each dispute resolution mechanism confers different value to all types, shapes and sizes of disputes. All that is required is knowledge and ability. It is however often observed that not everyone is privy to this idea. They do so at their peril. It is not infrequent to see that problems are legally inaccurately diagnosed; and a flawed prognosis follows. The outcome is frustration, unnecessary costs and decisions that fail to cater to the needs of the parties or the case at hand. It is said status that motivates González de Cossío Abogados, S.C. to create a Dispute Resolution Newsletter: to disseminate the utility of arbitration and other dispute resolution mechanisms.

Each edition of the Dispute Resolution Newsletter shall generically comment on a topic or case. The goal is not to advise but to inform. To open the eyes of the user to the marvels achievable if the ADR tool is adequately used. All Newsletters shall be available and freely accessible in this web page. The only requirement is respect for copyrights.
Year 1, No. 1:
:: Mexico as a “minimalist” jurisdiction for public policy