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GonzÁlez de CossÍo Abogados, S.C. is convinced of the need and importance of social work. Not only has it signed and complied with the Pro Bono Declaration for the Latin American Continent and executed and performed a Pro Bono agreement with the Mexican Bar Association, since its inception, GonzÁlez de CossÍo Abogados, S.C. has dedicated a percentage of its work to pro bono activities and cooperated with philanthropic entities in addition to assisting in other fronts. Ranging from litigation, legal advising and (gratuitous) services to altruistic foundations and associations (including financial assistance), GonzÁlez de CossÍo Abogados, S.C. has not only paid lip service to the importance of social responsibility; it has lived it.

Among the activities of GonzÁlez de CossÍo Abogados, S.C. one has been particularly successful. Upon designation as CoDirector of the Revista de Derecho Privado, Francisco González de Cossío implemented a radical profile change: not only is said journal a medium of academic exchange, it is also a vehicle that aids social activities. In doing so, the following rationale is advanced: the best philanthropy is strategic. That which creates a shared value, privileging focused aid over diffused efforts. That which harnesses concerted—over fragmented—efforts aimed at one target: a point of intersection between social needs and value creation. By doing so, it creates a symbiotic relation between value-creation and satisfaction of social needs. The project thence takes a synergy of its own that favors all involved. And far from becoming a burden, it becomes an asset. As a result, a win-win scenario is procured.

The reader is invited to become part of said project.